Day 8

Day 8 – mile 115 to 137 – River Camp to Hill Camp:
The day started innocently enough.  Granola and fruit.  Started with a big climb out of camp, made bearable by the cooler temperatures and clouds.  The water source had some serious stank coming off it so I toughed it out to the next.  The trail sort of snaked around Hot Springs Mountain, which is the highest point in SD county.  It looks awesome and I definitely recommend it to the local people as a hike to do.
Eventually, I ended up in a magical place where they served tacos and beer. Alas, no burritos.  In the interest of science, however, I sampled this lesser form of mexican food.  Not undelicious.  Trail Angel Mike has very graciously hosted hikers at his place in the middle of nowhere for a couple years now.  His generosity is heroic.
The trail was calling me back and this seemed like a perfect opportunity to get ahead of the local herd so I peaced out with some other dudes to pack on some miles.  Climbed to some awesome views of San Jacinto to the North.  Descended as the sun streaked the sky with purple, orange, and pink.  Made camp and dinner in the dark surrounded by friends and probably all kinds of deadly things like cougars and snakes.  Big day on the trail.  Big sky above.


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