Day 14

Day 14 – mile 210 to 229 – Ziggy and the Bear to River Camp:
Toughest day on the trail yet?  Probably.  Super hot.  Super uphill.  Super downhill.
Started with a climb through what I now call Hell Canyon.  Hot, no breeze, steep.  Awesome views of San Jacinto across the valley and wind turbines, though.  From there, dropped downhill to the treat of today, a river.  This was no creek.  This was a real, bonafied river with sandy beaches and shady bushes to boot!  This is the first one of the trip and couldn’t have been in a better spot.
Needless to say, we spent a fair bit of time there working on our tans because looking good on the trail is the top priority.
Up Hell Canyon 2, the Return of Hell Canyon to breezy ridge walking with great views of San Gorgonio to the West.  Steep downhill again to another river(!).  We thirsty hikers got some water before moving a couple more miles up trail along this river.  Riparian zone for days!  Soooo many crickets and frogs.  Made camp, ate dinner, got full.
In all, roughly 5,000 ft climbed and about the same due tomorrow.  Big Bear better be worth it!  The heat coming through the shoes from the ground made my feet feel like hamburger meat.  They look similar, but probably taste way worse.  Totally pooped, but digging the area.  Who would have thunk that there was all this water out here.  If it wasn’t for the heat, I’d say this is no desert… it’s a space station!
Buenas noches.


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