Day 15

Day 15 – mile 229 to 246 – River Camp to Tank Camp:
Toughest day on the trail yet?  Probably.  Not as hot as yesterday, but brutally steep climbing.
Hell Canyon returned in Hell Canyon 3: Return to Hell Canyon, 3 Liters Enter, None Leave.  Super steep climbing through first desert, then burn area, then oak forest, and then finally pine forest.  3,000 to 8,000 ft, a lot changes flora wise.
Took a siesta here and woke up feeling nauseous.  Dehydrated?  Too much tuna for lunch?  Oh, probably that nasty cherry limeade stuff you chugged.  Hobbled over to the natural spring, the last water source for 16 miles, tried not to vomit in it, filtered and guzzled a ton of cool agua.  The good stuff.  Felt better instantly, so it was probably dehydration.  Stupid.
I thought of a lesson:  Don’t get dehydrated with water on your back.
Feeling great now, we set out to do more miles.  Much easier climbing through beautiful forest, scented with pine.  Treated to amazing views of San Gorgonio, now to the South, and San Jacinto, now really far to the South.
The sun went down and it started getting real cold.  Time to pack it in.  Into Big Bear tomorrow for a resupply and burrito (fingers crossed).  It’s been awhile.


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