Day 17

Day 17 – Zero in Big Bear
Well that’s it.  I’ve reached my peak.  I completed the 18″ burrito challenge.  This may be both the greatest and worst I will ever manage to feel in my lifetime.  And I couldn’t have done it without y’all giving me inspiration to tough it out.  The free beer and bead necklace that I won is for you, burrito fans.  Incredibly, our server has never seen anyone complete it in 5 years of working there.  Today, three of us did.  Time well spent on my off day here while the snow falls.
Also, there may be confusion about the nature of the holes in my shoes.  They are forming across the toe in the upper.  This seems to be a widespread problem with this particular shoe on the trail.  Fear not, the bottoms of my shoes are fine and my dental floss and duct tape patch seems to be holding strong.
We’ll see what tomorrow holds weather wise.  I would like to hike out, but leaving the warmth of a roof will be a tall order if the snow’s still falling.
El burrito muy Grande, con mucho sabor.  No basura.


3 thoughts on “Day 17

  1. Holy…Eff… That’s a lotta burrito. BUT, you’ve done a lotta hiking. You deserve every inch of it! Now…question… could you keep it down? LOL Crazy downpours here in SD/SoCal tonight and tomorrow (5/15). Headed your way? Watch out for flash flooding!!! May your burrito keep you warm but your room be well ventilated. 😉 HA!


  2. Awesome chowing, Master Grubber! hope you stay warm today- looks like our May Gray has changed forms. While fortunate for SoCal, I hope it doesn’t make your trek any more treacherous. Stay safe.


  3. Your adventure is inspiring. We looked for you when we where in Idyllwild but did not see you. Keep the stories and pictures coming. Enjoy the trekking.


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