Day 19

Day 19 – mile 279 to 301 – Cold Camp to Gorge Camp:
Cold Camp was cold.  I slept well, nice and toasty, but everything was entombed in ice in the morning.  My sleeping bag crinkled and showered ice flakes when I began to stir.  My water was frozen and the previously mentioned oatmeal popsicle wasn’t sounding too appetizing so I settled for frozen Pop Tarts for breakfast.  Headed out after getting things reasonably dry.
Nice, cool, sunny weather all day as I descended through a burn area, back into deserty terrain.  Eventually, I reached a spot that would have made a great swimming hole had it been lunchtime rather than dinnertime.  Oh well.
Rolling out of there, I totally blew the minds of two highschoolers when I told them where I came from.  Disbelief turned into snapchatting faster than I could say Mexico to Canada.
Passed mile 300 without much pomp and circumstance in the Deep Creek gorge.  I would have done a little jig had the trail not been narrow and perched on a cliff.
A beautiful gorge too.  Full of nice beaches and swimming holes that are just a bit too hard to access to get really busy.  I can’t wait for the disease ridden and supposedly hazardous hot springs tomorrow.


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