Day 23

Day 23 – mile 370 to 390 + 2.7 road walk around endangered species closure – Deck Camp to Buckhorn Campground:
I can’t tell you how nice it was to have a wall to lean against in the morning while I ate breakfast and pondered the day’s miles.  Such a luxury!
For obvious reasons I was a little slow leaving camp.  But I made up for it by totally crushing the big climb up Mount Baden Powell.  A mighty climb for a mighty peak named for a mighty man.  Views from the top were stunning, per the usual.  The clouds remained nicely placed over LA for now, leaving all the good stuff visible.  Endless desert to the north and east.  San Gorgonio and San Jacinto to the south.  Bounding ridgeline to the west.  The temperature was pleasant, so I stuck around for a while.
The descent was standard with a few snow patches thrown in to keep things interesting.  The clouds billowed up again in the early afternoon, but behaved themselves for the most part and did not obscure the views, merely enhanced.  Filled up water at Little Jimmy Spring (who was Little Jimmy?) and completed the drop.
Up and over another bump brought me to Eagles Roost day area, beyond which the PCT is closed to protect the endangered mountain yellow legged frog.  Yep, you guessed it!  That means a little more road walking.  2.7 miles never felt so fast.
Quite chilly now, I rolled into camp facing the prospect of another cold dinner and night alone.  To my amazement, there was already a group of friendly hiker faces surrounding a salubriously warming fire.  All is well and warm.
Tomorrow, finish the reroute and get back on the PCT.  Rock on, little frogs.


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