Day 26

Day 26 – mile 436 to 444 – North Fork Ranger Station to Acton KOA:
Back to the warmth!  A short 8 miles downhill in the morning had me at the KOA in Acton.  This place is packed for Memorial Day weekend, but they reserve a special, grassless spot on the outskirts for us hikers.  It’s okay though.  We have control of the gazebo.
I took a nice long shower and prewashed my dirtiest clothes while I was in there.  Couldn’t get the water to run clear on my socks, so I gave up trying.  I put my clothes in the laundry on a prayer, the results were decent.  New shoes had arrived, so I’m pretty excited about that.  No more rocks in my shoes!
Realizing I pitched my tarp on a nest of angry, biting ants, I relocated to the gazebo floor with the group of fifteen others.
The rumble of tubas echoed throughout the campground, and the smell of carne asada filled the air.  As the light faded we were offered to join the festivities and were treated to all we could eat rice, beans, chicken, asada, tortillas, and cerveza.  They were Dodgers fans, but I let it slide this time.
Too full to walk or sleep comfortably.


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