Day 33

Day 33 – zero in Tehachapi:
Slept in ’til 6:15am, a true luxury.  The late start severely risked my day’s agenda so I snapped to it and got up to make breakfast at 9am, a Spartan collection of breakfast tacos and quesadillas.
Despite my meager rations, I braved the mighty trek into town take care of some errands.  The notoriously flat blocks of Tehachapi slowed me to a crawl, but I prevailed and arrived at the local grocer where I bought supplies for the final stretch to Kennedy Meadows.  Grudgingly, I performed my duty to society by eating a pint of ice cream, drinking a quart of chocolate milk, and finishing with a crisp carrot.  This only earned me a few strange looks at the laundromat as I cleaned my clothes dressed in my raingear.  No respect.
After being followed for a short while by a dude that looked slightly more homeless than I would expect for a hiker, I returned to the safety of the Tehachapi airport lounge where absolutely nothing had changed during my hours away except for the movie playing on the tv and the general humidity and stench of the living room.
The same trail angel, Rebecca, from the previous evening brought a bounty of BBQ chicken, beans, corn, and rosemary cous cous around for us hungry folk.  She is a hero, though I suspect that she is employed by the city in an attempt to keep us from leaving the vicinity and roaming for food.
Now, kicking back strategizing for the coming battle with sand and heat.  The desert saved the best for last and water management will be the great problem of the next week.  How much is enough?


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