Day 34

Day 34 – mile 566 to 577 – Hwy 58 to Desert Pine Camp:
I sort of made a halfhearted attempt to totally pack up my stuff just after waking up in case someone showed up offering a ride back to the trail.  Someone did, but before I was ready.  This meant that my laziness earned me another couple hours hanging out in a lazyboy.  It didn’t make sense to get out to the trail in the middle of the day when it was super hot.  I’d just end up drinking my precious water sitting around waiting for it to cool off.
Soooo, I accomplished more nothing.  A bit more rest before the final push through the desert begins.
Afternoon rolled around quickly enough, however, so after a hearty meal at the local BBQ joint (the burrito place was closed) and a hitch to the trail, we got underway around 5pm.  Still hot, but better than it was.  My thermometer read 94F as we walked along the busy highway.
From there we climbed way up and over another range of hills to about 6,000 ft.  Much cooler up here and with a nice collection of pine trees.  The moon provided plenty of light to hike by after the sun retired for the evening so we made some good progress.
The air is way drier up here than anywhere previous on the trail so far.  That’s kinda nice for keeping my shoes and socks dry, but it also means that I have to carry a ton of water.  I left town with 8 liters of the good stuff, not to mention six days of food.  This is definitely the heaviest my pack has been or probably will ever be.  Awesome, how comforting.
Got to pay to play.


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