Day 57

Day 57 – mile 942 to 965 – Tuolumne Camp to Friendly Fire Camp:
The north part of Yosemite has blown me away so far.  I wasn’t sure what to expect exactly.  You always hear about The Valley or Tuolumne, but there’s a lot of park north of all of that.
I got up as usual and hit the trail around 7:30am.  It was satisfying to get up later, yet leave earlier than most of the other backpackers.  That’s what 57 mornings will get you.
I learned a bunch on the interpretative trail through Tuolumne Meadows, then hit the trail to Glen Aulin Camp.  I followed the river as it meandered in between granite domes through grassy meadows.  I kept following it as it dropped through a series of thundering cascades to the High Sierra Camp at Glen Aulin.  I’m not sure who Glen Aulin was, but they sure picked a pretty spot to name after him.
I took advantage of the solar toilets, running water, and waterfall views to chill out.  From this point on, we PCTers finally have the trail to ourselves again.  No more JMTers swarming southbound.  No more day hikers asking questions.  No more wide sandy trail caused by trains of pack animals.  Just good walking on a good trail with but few others around.
I enjoyed every minute of it.  More easy walking through wide meadows and muted pine forest.  8 miles later, my palms were sweaty, knees weak, arms were heavy so I decided to stop at a river and chill to the max.  The lunch break was thoroughly salubrious with eating, swimming, and reading.  Soul and spirit revitalized, I got back on the trail ready for a roller coaster of elevation change.
Up and down.  The mosquitoes got really bad after the down.  So bad that I started writing new lyrics to Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood.  Bad Bugs is what I’ll call it.  Stay tuned for that awesomeness.  A bunch of people were setting up camp in the middle of this mess like jabronis.  I wanted to get up the next hill where the bugs might not be so bad.
Camp already had a dude, Uncle Buck, eating dinner with a fire going.  Smart guy!  He was friendly so I joined him for a bit of conversation and smoke protection.  Supposedly the bugs get worse tomorrow.  For now I’ll just enjoy the fire and stars.  More beauty tomorrow?


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