Day 59

Day 59 – mile 987 to 1006 – Mosquito Armageddon Camp to Farewell High Sierra Camp:
I said goodbye to the High Sierra today, which sort of dies out at Yosemite’s northern border.  It was a good run.  Dorothy lake provided one more alpine lake view, with jagged granite spires and snow ringing one edge.  Apparently, the ridge walk to Sonora Pass tomorrow is the last time the trail gets to 10,000ft of elevation.  Huh.
The mosquitoes were as bad this morning as they were last night.  I didn’t get much sleep because I was either getting eaten by mosquitoes, or I was sweating to death tucked deep in my sleeping bag.  I guess it never got cold enough to knock the bugs out.  I got up early because neither of those two arrangements seemed as fun as walking in a mosquito cloud, sad as that is to say.  That will always get me out of bed.
And that’s what I did.  A long gradual climb through a heavily meadowed valley full of bugs up to Dorothy Lake and the aforementioned view at the northern border of Yosemite.  Upon crossing this pass the bug situation became dramatically better.  I had joked to myself that it would without hope of it becoming true, but the evidence was unambiguous.  Fewer bugs.  Hallelujah!
Down into the Hoover Wilderness and past mile 1000.  I suppose that means something, but I haven’t figured it out yet.  Across a couple creeks and up to camp, just below the final climb to double digit elevation.  I’m super excited for the 10 or so miles of ridge walk to Sonora Pass.  That section is always mentioned very favorably by all who have done it.  I should get a good view of this fire business too.  Unless it’s out already.  Wishful thinking.


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