Day 62

Day 62 – mile 1018 to 1038 – Sonora Pass to Soaking Meadow Camp:
After a hearty breakfast at the Strawberry Inn, I said farewell to my parents (thanks for coming out!) and the good life.  Sonora Pass looked exactly the same except now the weather seemed a bit threatening.
With potential thunderstorms in the forecast, I wasted no time tackling the big climb above the tree line.  My legs felt rested and my feet felt good in the new shoes, but my pack was heavy with all sorts of delicious snackables.
The weather behaved mostly, though it remained gloomy.  After the climb, there was a long descent into White Canyon.  Not much going on here.  Just another canyon with soaring granite walls and as is always true on the trail, when you go down you must go up, so I had to climb out of this canyon.  That was alright though, and it put me back I to beautiful rolling hillsides of wildflowers and burbling creeks.
Then the rains came.  Nothing terrible and my umbrella was perfectly adequate, but knee-high shrubbery collected this water and poured it straight into my shoes without spilling a drop.  Soaked feet were the story for the rest of the day, though it wasn’t actually that bad or annoying.
I found a camp tucked away in between some very large trees.  Setting up my tarp proved a challenge in the limited space, but I prevailed above nature and have a comfy home for the evening.  The bugs seem to be cooperating so far in this section and smoke from the fire has not become an issue at all.  We’ll see if those trends continue.


One thought on “Day 62

  1. Love every post man!

    I specifically love the picture of your campsite here. It helps me better understand and imagine your logistics.

    So very proud of you! Best of luck!!

    We’re all rooting for you!!

    Sincerely yours,


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