Day 64

Day 64 – mile 1063 to 1087 – Mosquitoes For Days Camp to Tahoe View Camp:
The bugs were a little more well behaved this morning, but for the life of me I couldn’t get moving.  I finally got out of camp at 8:45am knowing that I had put myself in a pretty big hole.
I pushed hard up the first hill, trying to get out of the buggy mire and find a breezy ridge somewhere.  In the trees it was unbearably humid, making me unbearably sweaty.  Yet somehow, I was able to bear it.  Climbing out of the trees and achieving the ridge was transcendent.
From there it was more of the same stuff that there’s been for the past couple days.  Tons of flowers.  There were some ups and downs and eventually the trail widened and the day hikers multiplied.  Must be approaching Carson Pass, Hwy 88.
The ranger station there was staffed with a friendly horde of volunteers who go above and beyond to cater to thru hikers.  They stock homemade snacks and offer water refills.  Needless to say, I stayed a bit longer than I had intended.
I finally got moving a little after 4pm to make the last 10 or so miles to camp.  The climb out of the pass was tough, but short and at the top I got my first look at Lake Tahoe.  That’s a big lake!  It was easy cruising from there through meadow after meadow.  This section is notoriously mosquitoy, but not this year.  Only a couple monsters came out to say hello.
At some point the PCT joined the Tahoe Rim Trail and now it feels like hiking on the JMT all over again.  Tons of clean-ish backpackers going the other way on the trail asking tons of questions.  They are friendly folk and I don’t mind satisfying their curiosity.
Into camp at 7:30pm after making great time.  I’m ready for a great sunset over the lake followed by  peaceful nights rest.  Into South Lake Tahoe tomorrow for some hot grub and a swim.  Surely they have a worthy burrito for me to try.


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