Day 91

Day 91 – mile 1647 to 1670 – Sawdust Camp to Final California Camp:
A big truck doing something noisily got me up and going this morning.  All my stuff was covered in heavy condensation, but the sun would be a long time in coming to the bottom of this deep canyon so I packed it up anyway and headed out.
The first 6 miles were all road walk to Seiad Valley.  It was shaded and pleasant for the most part.  Dense blackberry bushes lined the road as did “State of Jefferson” and “No Monument” signs.  Things got a little busier when I reached the Klamath River and Hwy 94, but I enjoyed the walk into town, alternating shades of orchid at every step.
The town of Seiad Valley had everything, and only everything I needed.  A restaurant and food store.  I had a delicious breakfast and milkshake, then bought supplies to get me out of California and to Ashland.
At the diner, a hiker was trying the 5lb pancake challenge.  The nearly impossible task of stuffing five, 1lb pancakes into your stomach would require sticks of butter and copious quantities of maple syrup.  With pancakes being as voluminous as they are, I couldn’t see any way man could triumph.  The poor soul.  I had to leave before the gory end.
Now that it was the heat of the day, I decided it would be a perfect time to get hiking up the 4,500ft hill ahead of me.  As you can imagine, it was suitably brutal.  Three hours of exposed, hot climbing on some of the steepest trail yet.  Still, it was definitely worth it.  Back at around 6,000ft, the air was much cooler, the views were excellent, and the poison oak was gone.
Moderate ups and downs for the rest of the afternoon between ice cold springs dropped me on an exposed saddle for camp.  This will be my last night in California.  It’s amazing that I’ve hiked this long and far without hitting a different state (unless you count the State of Jefferson).  I’m not sure if this makes me happy or sad.  From here I have views of Oregon to the north and California everywhere else.  The next chapter awaits.


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