Day 102

Day 102 – mile 1904 to 1931 + 2 from Shelter Cove – Shelter Cove Camp to Brahma Bull Camp:
The campsite rustled to life as the hikers, scattered amongst the trees and blueberry bushes, rose with the sun.  Alamo and I packed up our stuff, then joined the procession of hikers staggering to the store for morning coffee and wifi.  I collected my resupply box from the now open store, while Alamo worked on securing a ride bride, a girl with whom to hitchhike, to make his day a little easier.  At 9:30am, with a full and heavy pack on my back and a bride for Alamo, we said farewell and parted ways.
It took me 2.2 miles just to get back to the PCT.  Across Trapper Creek on a log bridge, then through huckleberry heaven before reaching the junction and resuming my journey on the trail to Mexico.  Whoops, wrong way.  The trail to Canada.  I crossed Hwy 58 then climbed through a forest of giant Douglas fir, covered in green beard moss, to Rosary Lake.  The fish were jumping and the crawdads scuttling while I gathered water and washed my feet.  A look at the map showed that I could expect many such lakes through this section.  Excellent, as long as mosquito season is over.
I got moving, looking forward to the next lake and passing scores of other people out for the weekend.  It looks like this could be a busy few days out here.  The tree tunnel continued, as did the abundance of plump huckleberries, as I climbed gently then descended to Charlton Lake.  This was big and warm enough for swimming with ample sites for camping, but I decided to make it a big day and push the eight miles to Brahma Lake.  So, with a quick water fill-up and sock wash, I turned on some Electric Light Orchestra and jammed out of there.
The tunnel would have continued all the way to Brahma if it had not been for a large burn area.  Usually, these are very hot and unpleasant.  Not the case this time.  The lack of leafy trees afforded me some views of the surrounding landscape, maybe even South Sister, and the late afternoon sun was perfectly lukewarm.  I enjoyed my trek through the barren wasteland, but before long I was back in the trees.
Some more uneventful miles put me on the shores of Brahma Lake.  Not the nicest I have seen today, but the water’s good enough for drinking and the bugs are behaving so far.  Even with the late start, I managed the easiest 29 miles of the trip so far.  I’m excited to see what I can do with a full day tomorrow if this terrain keeps up.  Or will the huckleberries slow me down?  I can’t lose either way.

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