Day 107

Day 107 – mile 2033 to 2062 – Jefferson View Camp to Dark Forest Camp:
As expected, the sunrise views were fantastic.  Jefferson was mega beautiful in the constantly changing light, and I was even able to just make out Mt. Hood far to the north across layers of rolling hills.  I could have watched the show up there all day, and even briefly considered taking a zero, but the big miles ahead were calling me back to the trail.
The promise of ice cream at Olallie Lake helped me roll the 11 miles downhill over barren and rocky terrain.  Trees did appear lower down, as did views of Jefferson, already receding in the distance behind a ridge.  At Olallie, ice cream was present, and although I would have liked very much to swim in the inviting waters, a sign indicated that it was for drinking and, therefore, not for swimming.  Maybe that sign was put up just to keep us dirty hikers out of the water.  I don’t blame them, but I was tempted to wash my socks anyway.  I sat on the porch enjoying an ice cream sandwich and a loaf of bread acquired from the hiker box, commiserating with Tex, a cool dude who’s been around for a while, about our struggles yesterday.  I’ll let you ask him about his day yourself if you get the chance.
Smoke rolled in from somewhere, but it didn’t matter because the trail plunged back into the green tunnel for the rest of the day.  I hiked for a bit with Sunshine, a real ultralight hiker who slowed to my pace for some reason, and we talked about the potential for a Pacific Crest Disc Golf Course along the trail.  Remember, you heard it here first.
The next water looked very unappetizing, a plant-choked puddle full of frogs.  It was actually good water, which I guess makes sense in the end.  Why would frogs hang out in gross water?  Again, more trees from there with the occasional huckleberry to distract the attention.  A long and easy descent into an Indian reservation put me at Warm Springs Creek, with ample quality camping among huge pines, towering above and advancing twilight by a couple hours.  The water is cold, not warm, and the bugs are nonexistent.  Despite the easy trail today, I feel pretty beat up due to the shear weight of my pack.  I still have way too much food to be comfortable.  Looks like I can snack with impunity this evening.  Yum.


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