Day 109

Day 109 – mile 2094 to 2116 – Hoodelicious Camp to Gloomy Hood Camp:
The day had finally arrived.  Like a kid on Christmas, the anticipation had me up well before being awake could be of any use.  I watched the sunrise, spectacular despite, but also because of a sea of clouds blanketing the visible parts of the state, including Mt. Jefferson, disappointingly.  I packed up my things, then headed to the lodge to check out the comfy chairs and wifi while I waited for 7:30am when the food mayhem would commence.  Other hikers filtered in and began circling the lobby like hungry vultures.
When the awaited moment came, it was everything I could have hoped for.  I won’t go into the gory details here, but it was a breakfast buffet for the ages, worthy of all the hype.  An hour later, I waddled back into the main lobby, profoundly satisfied.  The next few hours were spent wandering the lodge, reading the displays and enjoying the unique architecture, until I was frustrated enough with the wifi and suitably digested to get hiking again.
Where had the morning gone?  It was now 12:30pm and there was a cloud firmly perched atop my location.  So much for amazing views today!  The going was damp and sandy descending from the lodge, but at least I was going downhill.  Until I was going uphill.  And then downhill again.  The deep gorges cut in the flanks of Mt. Hood posed quite the obstacle as I tried to get around the thing.  A mean looking cloud was still hanging around the summit, so I was happy to get just an occasional light rain.  Not enough even for my umbrella.
A couple sketchy river crossings kept things interesting, and an exceptionally steep climb kept me warm.  With the late start and the clouds, darkness came on quickly as I pushed to get to camp before I lost all light.  I was hiking late to see if the weather would clear up enough for me to cowboy camp.  It didn’t clear up, but I’m cowboy camping anyway.  Risky business I think, but Oregon wouldn’t send me rain on the last night would it?


One thought on “Day 109

  1. Been following your journey from the beginning Owen. You write very well. Maybe you might make a career of exploring and translating for others. Linda and I were at Timberline last September and enjoyed the buffet. Look forward to the home stretch with you. Take care – Peter Wilson

    Peter A. Wilson 925-360-7170



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