Thanks for the Support!

Yo yo,

I would like to take this chance to thank all the folks that helped me along my journey.   I had a killer support crew, from my parents sending out resupply boxes to trail angels dishing out the love to my friends back home not crashing my car (fingers crossed). Really, I couldn’t have done this without you, and that includes everyone. Other hikers, bakers, burrito makers, sock buyers, the PCTA, rangers, mapmakers, guidebook writers, and you readers. This blog was a huge pain in the butt to write sometimes, but knowing that I had people following me, in close anticipation or casually, kept me on it, and I’m sure I will enjoy having this account in the weeks, months, and years to come. I don’t think that I replied to any of your comments, but I read and cherished them all (and learned a lot too. Jeff, I think you know more about the trail than I do!). So thanks everyone! My accomplishment belongs to you too.

Update: Since reaching Manning Park, I’ve found the warmth, beach, burrito, relaxation, and comfort that I was dreaming about through the rough times in WA. The daunting task of processing all my pictures and video footage (42GB!) from my trip has begun, I’m probably gaining weight, and whispers of my future are beginning to percolate my mind. I plan on posting links to photos and videos, statistics, and final thoughts on my time on the PCT in the nearish future, so I have plenty of stuff to keep me busy. The residual ache in my feet is the only thing convincing me that I actually pulled it off.

Thanks again, everyone. It was a trip.



3 thoughts on “Thanks for the Support!

  1. Absolutely outstanding, Owen! I’m really proud of your tenacity and determination – we should all have the asset of this level of focus on meeting personal goals even in the face of sacrifice.
    We’ve continued talking about you here in CV and of your progress. It will be my pleasure to share the excellent news.
    Keep on truckin’.


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